Indoors environment

The Beehive on Queen’s Park is set in pleasant, spacious and natural surroundings. We give children the opportunity of a wholesome education and preparation, while acknowledging the needs of the age in which we live and work to respond intelligently and conscientiously. We value creative expression and provide a variety of ways through which children can explore their own and the group expression through the use of movement, sound, art and crafts. The school consists of a spacious area facing a specially designed large garden area. We operate as an open plan where children move freely inside and outside choosing appropriate activities. The total number of children does not exceed thirty at any one time. Class teachers are Montessori qualified and assistants hold suitable qualifications and/or training in the Montessori method. The Beehive runs three terms in the year and a Summer School for the duration of seven weeks.

The summer school program is open to children already attending as well as to new children before starting in the Autumn Term.

Attendance to the Summer School is required by the the new children due to start in September for a minimum period of four consecutive weeks. This allows children to be assessed and settled.

School runs daily from Monday to Friday

Arrival Time:

8.40 am to 9.00am
for Morning and Full Time Children
for Afternoon Children

Collection Time:

for Morning Children only
4.00 pm
for Afternoon and Full time Children

During the Summer School the hours differ from term time.

The mixed age classroom gives younger children the opportunity to be inspired by and imitate the older children. The older ones have the chance to reinforce their own knowledge by helping the younger ones.

The classroom is designed specifically to allow the child to experience freedom in an environment prepared with attractive materials which supportss the child for further learning.These areas are: practical life, sensorial, reading and writing and number work. There are areas dedicated to cultural subjects and creativity.

Outdoors environment

Our purposely-designed garden offers scope for both dynamic and tranquil activities. Here wide ranges of activities are available as well as playing games.

Being outdoors is very important for children. As they run, jump and climb they develop their gross motor skills. Taking turns on the equipment and playing games such as hide and seek teaches them social skills. Montessori strongly believed in the importance for children to become familiar with the natural environment. Gardening and exploring nature encourage this part of their development.